1.    Our investors always come first.  We take our fiduciary duty very seriously and will ensure that the interests of our investors come before the interests of VietBridge Capital or its employees.

Integrity and honesty form the most important core of our company.  We hire and retain the best people who subscribe to the highest ethical standards.

3.    Teamwork is fundamental to our success.  While individual creativity is encouraged, we believe in innovation through collaboration where the best ideas emerge as a result of open dialogues.

4.    We value a flat corporate structure that is free of politics and bureaucracy.  Responsibility and accountability are clearly stated so that we can be most efficient and versatile.  We want to move forward, not sideways.

5.    Our compensation is fair and competitive for our company’s most valuable asset – our people.  Our bonus pool is designed to tie our employee’s economic interests with the interests of our investors and the fund(s) under management.

6.    Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, our partners and our investors.  This will always be strictly enforced at VietBridge.